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Manufacturing metrics—training to drive sustainable business processes

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 260-261, 2nd floor MW/24

Continuous improvement in communication, productivity, employee satisfaction and bottom-line results

Establish performance improvement expectations and auditing procedures to achieve measurable progress throughout your organization; drive business objectives down from top-level management to hourly employees; execute an action plan that directly impacts each level in your organization, holding people accountable for results within their realm of responsibility.


Strengthen your ability to develop a manufacturing metrics system, to link scorecards with a structured communication process and accountability. Strengthen your organization’s capability for making critical, timely decisions needed to advance the business. Effectively monitor how the business is performing and control the results. Tactically deploy strategic initiatives throughout your organization, connecting employees to the business. Understand how to employ scorecards as thermostats—adjusting the business by reacting quickly to below-target metrics. Hear about the basic foundations for improving bottom-line results, driving business objectives down from senior leadership to hourly employees and developing expectations/auditing procedures. Learn how to execute an action plan that engages all levels in the enterprise and builds accountability for performance. Gain insights about personal leadership implementation, successes and failures during the transition of management and why leaders fail to use metrics. Get practical, auditable techniques for implementing metrics, promoting employee involvement/empowerment and building continuous improvement in communication, productivity, employee satisfaction and business results. Learn about KPIs as well as leadership/leader standard work.


Competitive Solutions, Inc. (CSI) has more than 20 years’ experience in leadership training and consulting. The firm specializes in helping organizations develop meaningful business metrics, create a culture of true accountability and improve communication within the organization by deploying a process-based leadership approach. This methodology enables total process connectivity and performance consistency within all layers and departments in the organization.

Speaker: Shane Yount

Shane A. Yount is the principal of Competitive Solutions, Inc., an international business transformation consulting firm known for the process-based leadership organizational development system. He provides a methodology designed to create a sustainable culture of clarity, connectivity and consistency through the use of non-negotiable business processes. Yount is the author of Digging Out of the Management Dumpster, Leaving Your Leadership Legacy and Leading Your Business Forward: Aligning Goals, People and Systems for Sustainable Success.