Greg McFalls Consulting 
Advanced level

Mixed model manufacturing—embracing variation

Friday, Oct. 23 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 236, 2nd floor FW/38

Maintain high levels of productivity, quality, safety and employee engagement

Effectively take on the challenge of mixed model scheduling; learn to employ one-piece flow, takt time, pull systems and more advanced techniques for handling variation; IT’s role in creating a robust, flexible production system; calculate the equations for effective mixed model setup and management.


Learn how to employ a simple approach for handling high levels of variation in assembly environments. Understand key principles such as takt time, one-piece flow, pull systems and more advanced topics—including FIFO sequencing, moving line production and work zone management. Change how you think of variation. Instead of dreading the next change in options, sizes etc., welcome the challenge of improving your operation. Understand the principles of mixed model production and the role of IT in developing a more robust and flexible production system. Learn to calculate the required equations for effective mixed model setup and management; a worksheet will be provided. Create a moving line production system with a working demonstration, and watch it flow. Hear about the importance of standard work, the TWI training model and why focusing on methods is essential. Use your knowledge of effective mixed model manufacturing to improve productivity, safety, quality and employee engagement. Hear about heijunka/level loading, innovation, inventory optimization/planning, lean IT, virtual systems and visual management.


Greg McFalls Consulting is committed to training and developing the capabilities of U.S. manufacturing companies. By embracing the wide variation that customers demand, the firm has created a system that builds understanding of mixed model production and why it will play a critical future role in manufacturing success.

Speaker: Greg McFalls

Greg McFalls is the owner of Greg McFalls Consulting. A lean practitioner, he believes strongly in the Toyota Production System principles and theory and their application in mixed model manufacturing. He has dedicated ten years to understanding this elaborate system. McFalls has created a system that teaches the value of mixed model production and its important future role.