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Practical operations science for more effective lean efforts

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 211, 2nd floor MW/12

Don’t leave your results or career to chance—improve strategy, execution and profit

Predictively understand and manage challenges as you employ effective operations strategies; improve cycle time, customer service, sales and profit performance; gain confidence about implementing change; develop understanding about effective decision-making.


Operations science is evolving. Don't get left behind. Discover how to ensure the success of your organization’s lean, six sigma, theory of constraints, demand driven MRP or other improvement initiatives. Learn to quantify and manage the trade-offs that often cause misery for managers, and in turn, gain predictable results such as shorter lead times, lower inventories, higher sales/profits and improved customer service. Master the basic science of operations, predictively understanding what works best –and when. Put effective, practical strategies to work, achieving improved control of manufacturing, service, product development and supply chain operations. Hear about related case studies and participate in exercises to deepen your understanding of strategies for making effective decisions when confronted by variability. Stop experimenting with your operations and learn to make changes with confidence in the results.


Factory Physics Inc. helps companies improve customer service and cash flow, reduce cost and optimize inventory. It trains industry professionals using advanced but highly practical operations science to design strategies and implement effective tactics, controls and measures—all using existing IT and continuous improvement resources. Factory Physics analytics software provides simple, visual evaluation and modeling to manage immense complexity with ease. Factory Physics science is used throughout the world based on the award-winning text book Factory Physics and McGraw-Hill’s 2014 lead business title, Factory Physics for Managers.

Speaker: Edward Pound

Edward S. Pound is the COO at Factory Physics Inc.and co-author of Factory Physics for Managers. He provides thought leadership for executives and managers, enabling improved profitability, customer service and lean/six sigma results at organizations such as NCR, Intel and Emerson. Pound has more than 25 years’ experience in general management, operations, purchasing and product development. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Alabama, MBA and master of engineering management degrees from Northwestern University.