AME Excellence Award 
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Preparing to apply for the AME Excellence Award

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 231, 2nd floor MW/06

The lean standard for continuous improvement

Gain information about how to develop an exceptional achievement report in your application for the AME Excellence Award; learn about site visits for companies receiving high scores on report evaluations; use award criteria as a self-assessment tool; find details on the process and timeline used by the award committee; hear about assessor roles and standard work protocols.


Learn about the AME Excellence Award criteria and annual award process. Discover how your company can use the criteria as a self-assessment tool. Review key applicant documents for an achievement report, and how they are best completed, used and evaluated. Potential applicants as well as current/potential assessors will receive information on effectively building this key report, which summarizes why a company should be considered for the award. Hear about site visits, for applicants scoring high enough on the achievement report evaluation. Get hands-on experience reviewing and scoring a sample achievement report, plus useful tips on improving your report. Gain insights and confidence if you are or plan to become an award assessor. Come away with a clear picture of the process, timeline and scoring used by the award committee. Examine the role of the assessor, including standard work protocols.


The AME Excellence Award recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in manufacturing and business. The award’s primary purpose is to foster more effective continuous improvement practices. It acknowledges best practices, creativity and innovation. The award supports AME’s vision, mission and values of inspiring commitment to enterprise excellence through shared learning and access to best practices. Recipients are selected based on the combined results of an achievement report review and evaluation team site visit observations.

Speakers: Doug Carlberg / Pat Wardwell

Doug Carlberg is the chairman and CEO of M2 Global Inc. and a member of the AME Excellence Award Council. He has more than 35 years’ operations management experience in the electronics, telecommunications and defense industries. He previously served as senior vice president of worldwide operations at Harris Corporation’s Microwave Communications Division, which received many awards. Carlberg serves on the board of governors for the Shingo Prize and on the AME Southwest regional board (and formerly as president of the region).

Pat Wardwell is the COO of the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP). She has many years’ experience as a lean practitioner/trainer/consultant and is a member of the AME Excellence Award Council. Wardwell is a lead assessor for the AME/SME/Shingo/ASQ lean certification program, in which she has achieved the gold certification level.