Keyte Group 
Intermediate level

Remove firefighting from lean transformations

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 234, 2nd floor MW/10

Build problem-solving skills

Gain information about developing a collaborative approach to lean transformation; create a community of thinkers reflecting Toyota problem solving and A3 methodology; determine the most likely causes of problems; understand how to develop countermeasures and small reversible experiments; practice the progression of problem solving, designing experiments and socializing change.


Trade your firefighting skills for a better approach to lean transformation: collaborative thinking and action to eliminate the root cause of problems. Create a community of thinkers, from leadership to the front line, by combining Toyota problem solving and A3 methodology. Practice several problem-solving steps as you work on a problem from your own organization. Practice a methodology focused on framing and characterizing a significant problem, breaking it down to determine the most likely cause and then design small, reversible experiments to test your countermeasures. Discuss your individual work and collaborate with others in breakout sessions. Practice the progression of problem solving, designing experiments and socializing change within an organization. Advance your understanding and use of PDCA problem solving. Integrate socialization as a key element of transformational and culture change. Learn how to visually manage experiments and turn them into sustainable solutions. Prior to the start of this session, attendees will be asked to fill out a worksheet describing their selected problems.


Keyte Group consulting services centers on coaching organizations. The firm merges technical and cultural transformation elements in its work with senior leadership, enhancing organizational capacity and performance.

Speaker: Beau Keyte

Beau Keyte is the president of Keyte Group. An experienced lean thinker, he works with health care, financial services and manufacturing organizations to transform their performance and culture. He engages front-line teams, internal coaches and leaders to think differently in order to create sustainable performance improvement. He pioneered methods to quickly spread lean thinking and engage people in the transformation. He coaches students in the masters of business in operational excellence program at Ohio State University. Keyte co-authored three publications, including two that received the Shingo Prize: The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes and Perfecting Patient Journeys.