Doctor Lean 
Intermediate level

Systematic layout planning

Friday, Oct. 23 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 260/261, 2nd floor FW/39

Data-driven facilities decision-making

Sidestep potential facilities layout problems by using a systematic layout planning process; develop an efficient lean manufacturing environment; create the ideal arrangement of activity areas, equipment and personnel.


Adopt a systematic layout planning (SLP) approach, to avoid the negative impact of random, opinion-generated decisions. Learn to consider the hidden communication generated by a process, in turn using that information to uncover the best possible arrangement of activity areas (departments), equipment (details) and personnel (staffing). Effectively gather data on product/material, quality/volume, routing, support requirements and time. Grasp the fundamentals of SLP: relationships between activities, space needed to perform the activities, as well as adjustments to relationships and space. Consider SLP phases that are repeated—location, overall layout, detailed layout and installation. The first three stages can be repeated numerous times before installation. Hear examples of plants that have reorganized their facilities, employing SLP to create a successful lean manufacturing environment. Learn about material handling, flow data + non-flow data, relationship diagramming, block diagramming and detailed layouts.


Doctor Lean is a sole proprietorship focused on lean production systems design and implementation. The firm provides a simple, practical and hands-on approach. Doctor Lean guides clients through the process, and the resulting product is their creation.

Speaker: Dave Hess

David B. Hess is the principal of Doctor Lean. He has more than 32 years’ operations experience. As a NIST MEP project manager, he has worked with manufacturers to improve quality, efficiency and profitability, and also served in the organization’s lean special projects task force. He was the director of operations at Neuman USA, King Fifth Wheel and Bethlehem Steel sites. Hess previously served as president of Mid-Atlantic and Northeast AME regions and as AME’s national vice president for products.