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Virtual pull systems

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 206, 2nd floor MW/23

A systematic approach to full implementation

Focus on appropriately sizing and resizing kanban supermarkets using readily-available data; effective techniques for signaling replenishment; alternative strategies to a deteriorated or inadequate pull system; select the best pull mechanism for each of your internal and external suppliers; a systematic approach integrated with other lean strategies.


Overcome the challenges of right-sizing supermarkets to get the best product flow, and determining supermarket sizes adjusted to product structures, manufacturing processes and changing customer demands. Size and resize kanban supermarkets using commonly-available data. Handle the effects of production capacity on supermarket sizes. Learn to avoid excess production, stockouts and firefighting caused by poorly-sized supermarkets. Hear about appropriate techniques for signaling replenishment. Find alternative strategies to a deteriorated or inadequate pull system, selecting pull signals tailored to each internal and external supplier. Discover how to harvest data in every automated material requirements planning system, enabling you to easily size and resize supermarkets. Study the effects of management policy on your ability to implement and maintain a successful pull/kanban system for controlling and improving material flow. Explore the application/effectiveness of manual and automated pull techniques. Hear about one company’s success with pull systems and how its systematic approach integrates with its lean strategies. Gain information on applying EPEI (every part every interval) to link capacity and flow, heijunka/level loading, inventory optimization/planning, just-in-time production, virtual systems and visual management.


Synchronous Management is a full-service manufacturing consulting firm that provides services in ten countries. Since its founding in 1986, it has served a variety of clients in process, repetitive, job shop and prototype manufacturing environments. Its clients include some of the largest companies in the world as well as smaller firms.

Speaker: Don Guild

Don Guild, the principal of Synchronous Management, founded the company after consulting service with Dr. Eli Goldratt (specializing in in constraints theory). Guild has more than 50 years’ manufacturing experience, including line operations, shop supervision, materials management and operations management. He provides training/application services for value stream mapping, pull/kanban system implementation, cellular manufacturing, plant layout, changeover reduction and lean metrics. He is a faculty member of NIST-MEP and LEI.