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Architecting problems and processes to liberate human intellectual for great and productive purpose


Deep Dive Session
Thursday, Oct. 20 Location Code
2:00pm-3:00pm Virtual VThS/17



This session is virtual only. Learn how to architect problems and processes to drive employee engagement and creativity and continuous improvement in your organization.


In every industry, there are standout organizations that generate and deliver more value than their counterparts, requiring less effort to do so and with more certainty. There are examples in nearly every sector—planes, trains, automobiles, tech, high-tech, bio-tech and pharma, healthcare and education, government and military. In each of these sectors, there are examples in every phase of value creation, from upstream science and technology, through research and development, on through design, production-operations and delivery.

As different as these standouts are by the science and technology they use, the services they provide, and the market forces to which they’re subject, many share common approaches for how they architect their problems and the processes by which the work of many individuals is integrated towards a common purpose. By shaping problems into more manageable pieces, running smaller tests of change with greater frequency, and forming processes with similar qualities, they make it easier for individuals to fully express their creativity and contribute to distributed and collective intelligence.


See to Solve enables companies to solve problems at their root cause. Because it is here that amplification provides an opportunity for immediate improvement, where defects are strengthened and resolved. See to Solve empowers teams to create value progressively under a culture of continuous improvement, helping them build into the future.


Steve Spear (DBA MS MS) is the principal at See to Solve LLC. Spear's work has focused on how complex "socio-technical systems" (many people working across many specialties, having to coordinate their efforts as they express themselves on and through sophisticated technology) can be managed to achieve superlative performance. His writing on the topic includes "The High Velocity Edge," "Turning Point: Revolutionizing Defense Innovation (forthcoming)," and "Social Circuitry" (forthcoming). He has also written prize-winning articles like “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System,” “Fixing Healthcare from the Inside, Today,” and other pieces in Academic Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Health Services Research, AASA’s School Administrator and the US Naval Institute’s Proceedings. Spear is the principal of the software firm See to Solve, a senior lecturer at MIT and a senior fellow at IHI. He’s worked with numerous enterprises to reengineer their management systems, including Alcoa, Intel, UPMC, Novelis, and DTE Energy. He’s also been an advisor to a secretary of treasury, chief of naval research and chief of naval operations, and several corporate executives.