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Beginner level

Publishing your book

The how, when and why of becoming a published author


Deep Dive Session
Tuesday, Oct. 18 Location Code
11:00am-12:00pm Sheraton Dallas Hotel TS/11


Many business-improvement practitioners have expertise, techniques, and case studies that would benefit the lean community. Discover if and how you should publish this information.


Many business practitioners involved in lean and performance-improvement initiatives have acquired effective expertise, knowledge and insight through their experiences in the field. They know that documenting this information in published form would greatly benefit the lean community, but as they have no previous professional publishing experience, they do not know how the process functions—from submitting a proposal to publishing an actual book—and how they, as well as the lean community, benefit from collaborating with a professional and established publisher. This session will answer all your questions in regard to the publishing experience.


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Michael Sinocchi has been acquiring books and training materials for Productivity Press for more than 25 years. He leads the publishing strategy, book acquisitions and editorial development for the company's professional book program. Sinocchi specializes in lean/quality management, performance improvement, supply chain management and health care administration.