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Speed chat with continuous improvement authors


Speed Chat with Experts
Tuesday, Oct. 18 Location Code
2:00pm-3:30pm Sheraton Dallas Hotel TS/18


Join us for a speed chat with twelve renowned continuous improvement authors!


The AME community includes authors who are passionate lean thinkers. This enthusiasm for what they do and how they think is available to others through the books they have written. This session will feature twelve AME-affiliated authors who share a passion for continuous improvement. You will have a chance to sit and talk with individual authors to gain insights into what inspired them to write and how their writing has influenced those who have read their work.


Katie Anderson

Author of "Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning"
In "Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn," leadership coach Katie Anderson and 40-year Toyota leader Isao Yoshino bring you a remarkable book about what it means to learn, lead and care. Created through years of collaboration, this award-winning book offers their shared reflections on leadership and learning, providing readers an inspirational experience that defies generational and cultural divides.

Bill Baker

Author of “Lean for the Long Term: Sustainment is a Myth, Transformation is Reality"
After picking the low hanging fruit over the first 3-5 years of lean, many companies fail to broaden their reach using a lean management system to all areas of the company. Leadership has to continually demonstrate the pathway. Bill Baker wanted to discover those companies' best practices and find common threads. He found that successful lean companies use seven best practices and key drivers to assure productivity and future growth. Many of them do not know they are special and that they are doing anything different—it’s just the way they do things.

Michael Bremer AME Mac McCulloch Award recipientMichael Bremer

Author of “How to Do a Gemba Walk”
People often stop doing walks because they get overwhelmed by the number of problems that need solving. Learn how to use "clarity of purpose" to get more personal value from doing a walk and to make sure your walks benefit your teammate/associates.



Melisa Buie

Author of “Problem Solving for New Engineers: What Every Engineering Manager Wants You to Know”
Variation is a double-edged sword in most manufacturing environments. Where do we begin looking? What are the simplest forms of variation to address first? Understanding, controlling and minimizing variation can be essential in production as we try to stabilize the yield and performance of our products. Understanding and controlling variation can also be essential in engineering as we develop, learn, test and optimize products and processes. Both production and engineering environments benefit from an in-depth understanding of variation and how to efficiently identify and control it.

John Dyer

Author of "The Façade of Excellence: Defining a New Normal of Leadership"
Lean professionals agree that the only way to achieve and sustain process excellence is to have an engaged, committed leadership team. However, to be truly committed, leaders may need to change their style to create the appropriate culture. With the overwhelming evidence that team-based continuous improvement works, why don’t more executives embrace this new way of leading? In "The Façade of Excellence," John Dyer explores the paths that two executives take to achieve excellence—one that embraces collaboration and teamwork and the other who fakes their support, creating a damaging façade.

Robert Hafey

Author of “Lean Safety Gemba Walks: A Methodology for Workforce Engagement and Culture Change”
Lean safety is a people-centric leadership tool that companies increasingly use to gain the workforce's trust and engagement vital to successfully adopting lean. Unlike compliance safety programs that focus on fixing worker behavior, lean safety engages the workforce in efforts to make their workplace safer and their work tasks easier. Unlike traditional lean, which tends to begin with eliminating waste and cycle-time reduction, lean safety begins with improving workplace safety. Once people understand how lean safety benefits them personally, they are usually not only more willing but are eager to participate in other lean practices.

Cheryl Jekiel

Author of "Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Processes for a Culture of Continuous Improvement"
This book is intended for audiences including HR professionals and others interested in the people side of lean. It covers implementing the most common seven elements of a lean culture and how they show up as principles, values and competencies. It also provides a detailed roadmap for integrating continuous improvement into how roles are designed and the overall talent management system. Learn how to apply continuous improvement to any area of HR. In today’s climate of struggling to attract and retain talent, this area of lean can be hugely valuable in addressing today’s people related challenges.

Norbert Majerus

Author of "Winning Innovation: How Innovation Excellence Propels an Industry Icon Toward Sustained Prosperity"
An engaging business novel, "Winning Innovation" dives into the art and science of innovation; the thrills of the European bike-racing circuit; the vibrant landscape and cuisine of Italy; and a cast of intriguing characters who work to put Davanti Nella Gara, an Italian bicycle company, on the road to sustained prosperity. The company’s leader isn’t afraid to learn and apply new ideas to reenergize his company, and finds he cares more about his employees than he could ever imagine. A young innovator struggles to see a product idea to fruition as well as rise into management—and he falls in love along the way. A newly promoted R&D director brings teamwork and transparency to product development and aligns the entire company around innovation. Not just the story of an R&D transformation, "Winning Innovation" illustrates a company-wide transformation of a magnitude that only superior R&D can make possible.

Dennis McCarthy

Author of "Early Equipment Management (EEM): Continuous Improvement for Projects"
"Early Equipment Management" was designed to trap problems as early as possible in the capital project process when they are cheapest to resolve. This book explains how and why EEM delivers superior results in a way that allows readers to enhance their own project process.


Dan McDonnell

Author of "Unleashing the Power of 3P: The Key to Breakthrough Improvement"
This book exposes the reader to the real power and process behind Toyota’s much heralded but unknown production preparation process. One of the author's most poignant lessons as he learned and practiced 3P was that "there really is a process for the 3P process." Perhaps that should have been intuitively expected given the nature of Toyota, yet many who attempt 3P utilize only pieces of the process and not necessarily in the correct sequence. This book, in the form of a fictitious factory, walks the reader through the entire process as taught by ex-Toyota experts.

Rebecca Morgan

Author of "Manufacturing Mastery: The Path to Building Successful and Enduring Manufacturing Businesses"
The mission of your manufacturing business matters. To achieve that mission—if it is more than to simply make money—your company must endure until that mission is accomplished. Building any business is difficult. Building a successful and enduring manufacturing business is not more difficult, but it is different. It involves not more work but better work that is more fun and creates meaning. This book shows you the path to do just that.

Dan Prock

Author of "The Sensei Way at Work: Five Keys to a Lean Business Transformation"

"The Sensei Way at Work" follows in the wake of dozens of business books on lean yet it is unique. It highlights the evolution of lean implementation and its challenges over past decades. It describes in detail how change leaders can transform full value streams or a large operation and how they are developed in the sensei way.

Billy Taylor

Author of "The Winning Link: A Proven Process to Define, Align, and Execute Strategy at Every Level"
In this groundbreaking guide, Billy Taylor reveals how the LinkedXL process can help your organization cultivate "extreme ownership" at every level, from top management to front-line employees. Each chapter clearly covers one of the five steps of the process, providing an actionable roadmap to reaching clearly defined benchmarks and turning them into sustainable winning practices.