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2 Second Lean Tour: SnapCab (virtual only)

Thursday, Oct. 20 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Virtual VThT/02



Go and see how SnapCab does lean in this 2 Second Lean Tour!


SnapCab prides itself on its lean manufacturing methods and unique company culture. More specifically, it fosters a fear-free culture where it rewards for mistakes and provides team members at all levels with opportunities to continually improve by developing processes, building systems and creating order.


For more than 35 years, SnapCab has been a leader in developing architectural products that are flexible, high quality and safe to use in a variety of environments (elevators and workspaces). Founded by Glenn Bostock, a craftsman who specialized in cabinetry, SnapCab revolutionized the elevator industry by developing its patented Interlocking Paneling system (ILP), which not only makes its products simple to install but also ensures they last a very, very long time. The ILP system also inspired the development of SnapCab pods, which evolved into what we now call SnapCab Workspace. SnapCab intends to create space for communities of use both for its customers and within its organization. The company values are "Be Kind, Be Authentic and Create Order" — beliefs that each team member strives to achieve every day.

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