2 Second Lean Tour: TrippNT (virtual only)

Tuesday, Oct. 18 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Virtual VTT/01



Go and see how TrippNT does lean in this 2 Second Lean Tour!


TrippNT’s lean journey began three years ago, and since then, the company has implemented one-piece flow and a kanban system for finished goods, which reduced lead time from six weeks to 30 hours. TrippNT has also developed a unique and standardized cleaning process where the entire company works as one team. TrippNT’s mission is to improve today for a better tomorrow. Through this tour, the TrippNT team hopes to inspire you to implement lean in your business.


Founded 30 years ago and located in Kansas City, MO, TrippNT is a manufacturer of medical and laboratory carts and a distributor of many other medical consumables to customers globally. TrippNT designs, develops and manufactures durable and corrosion-resistant products for scientists, doctors and other professionals to mobilize, store and manage their supplies. Respect and caring for people are deeply ingrained in the company culture. www.trippnt.com

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