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In a time of continued disruption and uncertainty, companies need a proven process for stabilizing the workplace and achieving and sustaining improvement outcomes. Workplace visuality, the universal language of performance, is that process. There is no work environment it cannot make safer, smarter, and more reliable and effective—and no work culture, however diverse, it cannot make more engaged, equitable, and inclusive.


Join Gwendolyn Galsworth, leading visual workplace expert, as she defines workplace visuality and shows you why it is key to flow and productivity improvement and a transformed work culture.

First, Dr. Galsworth presents her 10-Doorway model for creating a workforce of visual thinkers. Anchored in dozens of examples, she walks you through each doorway, showing you how each is linked to a specific visual method and a specific organizational group. Gwendolyn also points out a simple way to use the doorways to assess the current level of visual competency in your company.

Then she defines visual management (VM), placing it as a subset under the umbrella paradigm of workplace visuality. As such, VM provides an invaluable line of sight on goals, schedules, and outcomes for the entire workforce, including executives. In this way, people on all levels of the organization can see and respond to the built-in triggers that VM supplies. Even though VM is not designed to solve problems or improve outcomes directly, it can become an indispensable catalyst when combined with the visual workplace principles, practices, and methods at the heart of Galsworth’s 10 Doorway model. Join us. Learn. Improve. Grow. Let the workplace speak.


Visual Thinking Inc. (established in 1991) offers seminars, workshops, clinics, train-the-trainer, and full visual conversions in the USA and globally, based on the work of Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth. Its certification arm, the Visual-Lean® Institute, was established in 2005 and trains in-house instructors and external consultants in any or all of nine core visual workplace courses—including Visual Machine®, Visual-Lean® Office, Visual Management, Operator-led Visuality, and Visual Leadership. Visit for over 200 podcasts from Dr. Galsworth’s radio show, Visual Workplace Radio—as well as 100 articles from The Visual Thinker Newsletter, and more than 25 videos. All of them FREE.


Gwendolyn D. Galsworth, PhD, is president/founder of Visual Thinking Inc., a consulting, training, and research firm specializing in the technologies of the visual workplace. A leading visual expert and hands-on practitioner, Dr. Galsworth has codified the field of visuality into a single coherent framework of thinking and deployment. She is a one of eight Shingo Institute Faculty Fellows and author of seven books on workplace visuality and strategic improvement, including "Visual Workplace-Visual Thinking" and "Work That Makes Sense," both winners of the prestigious Shingo Prize.

Dr. Galsworth’s main focus is in ensuring that her clients, large and small, accelerate their rate of visual transformation, strengthen cultural alignment, and achieve long-term, sustainable bottom-line results. Clients include: Lockheed-Martin, Hamilton Standard, Pratt & Whitney, Hitchcock Industries, Royal Nooteboom Trailers/Holland, Crown Equipment/Mexico, Trailmobile/Canada, Parker Denison, Rolls-Royce/UK, TVS Sundaram Clayton/India, Crompton Greaves/India, Sears Home Services, United Electric Controls, and Wilson Transformer /Australia.