Keynote Speaker

John Toussaint, M.D.

Becoming the change: The power of personal kaizan

John Toussaint, MD, is an internist and one of the foremost figures in the adoption of organizational excellence principles in health care. He founded Catalysis a nonprofit education institute in 2008. Toussaint has published articles in major medical journals such as Health Affairs and JAMA and in major business journals such as Harvard Business Review. He has written three award winning books chronicling the journey of many organizations on the journey to enterprise excellence. He continues to be a student of building excellence into health care operations. He has learned from over 220 organizations in 19 countries transferring this knowledge into articles and books and to executive teams around the world.

Catalysis is the first organization of its kind to exclusively focus on educational programs and resources designed to transform health care value. It is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization with the ultimate goal to transform the health care industry. Catalysis does this through careful research that includes listening to health care leaders and sharing best practices and innovative thinking that result in system change. Resources from Catalysis enable leaders to dramatically improve their health care systems, change organizational behaviors, and enhance the delivery of patient care while lowering its cost. Catalysis has launched peer-to-peer learning networks, developed in-depth workshops, and created many products — including books, DVDs and webinars. Catalysis sponsors the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit each year — both in the U.S. and in Europe.

This keynote will present specific examples and steps outlining the process of leaders ourselves through changing our behavior to support a culture of continuous improvement.