Beginner level

Bright Idea program

In this session participants will hear about the Bright Idea program implemented by Centers for Dialysis Care two-and-a-half years ago. The idea system has generated 400 ideas from staff resulting in 75% implemented ideas. Session participants will learn about the keys to a successful idea generation system as well as the pitfalls faced along the way.



Marianne Klasch is process improvement coordinator for Centers for Dialysis Care. She has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Healthcare Certification. Klasch holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Akron.





About Centers for Dialysis Care:

The Centers for Dialysis Care has a mission to provide patient-centered quality care to those with kidney disease. For almost 50 years, Centers for Dialysis Care has been a non-profit independent provider of patient-focused dialysis treatment, education, support, and training. With more than 25 programs, our services have expanded over the years to encompass the renal care continuum. Beginning with pre-dialysis education, we provide care in the acute and long term hospital, staff-assisted dialysis in the nursing home setting, home dialysis training and support, and traditional outpatient in-center dialysis therapy. Dedicated to the education and development of a highly trained and caring staff, Centers for Dialysis Care is committed to setting the highest standard for quality care and assuring that every detail of patient’s treatment is administered with skill and compassion.