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8-Step problem-solving

Toyota Business Practice thinking



During this half-day workshop, join David Hicks in a discussion on 8-step problem-solving.


Problem-solving is the foundation of process improvement and is critical in every industry. Using Toyota Business Practice thinking, this workshop breaks down the PDCA/PDSA process into eight steps that will dig deeper and ensure the coach asks the right questions.

The 8 Steps are:
1. Plan - Clarify the Problem
2. Plan - Breakdown the Problem
3. Plan – Target Setting
4. Plan - Root Cause(s) Analysis
5. Plan – Develop Countermeasures
6. Do – See Countermeasures Through
7. Check/Study - Monitor Both Results and Process
8. Act - Standardize Successful Processes


The Auburn Technical Assistance Center is a department of the Harbert College of Business and serves in an outreach capacity to industry in Alabama and the USA. Its mission is to act as a strategic advisor to promote business growth and link manufacturers to Auburn resources essential for increased competitiveness and profitability. The company serves in process improvement, organizational development and executive coaching.


David Hicks is a registered professional engineer with experience in automotive, metal fabrication, quality and plant management. Serving on the outreach faculty for Auburn University since 2005, Hicks has assisted clients with Lean and Six Sigma implementations in automotive, aerospace, high-volume manufacturing, food products, healthcare, electronics and job shop applications. He participates in technical societies, presenting at conferences (AME, ASQ, etc.) and serving on technical committees.