GMacDougall Consulting 
Intermediate level

Transformational leadership effectiveness: Ensuring organizational buy-in re: key initiatives!

Achieving organizational results through an effectively aligned strategy and a skilled leadership team



In this half-day workshop, learn from Greg MacDougall about how to better manage the effectiveness of your strategy process rollouts.


The successful rollout of strategically deployed management systems and processes requires both an effective strategy and PDCA rollout oversight that includes transformative leaders. As a lifelong project manager, Greg MacDougall has come to better understand these successful strategic outcomes. The requirements of situational (day-to-day) leadership alone will not support the transformative process! This workshop will focus on those differences and how the role of transformational leadership can better support the effective rollout of strategy-focused project/program deployment and its corresponding PDCA implementation cycle.

Learn how to better manage the effectiveness of your strategy process rollouts from inception through project management planning, catch-balling, cascading management huddles, leader standard work, related team meetings, team training and more. Project examples (including personal application) will demonstrate and reinforce the importance of effective, engaged leadership in the transformative process.


GMD Consulting supports clients and their ongoing organizational needs specific to the direction, development, assessment, improvement, and deployment of management strategies and corollary operating systems specific to lean, quality, and safety-related requirements.


Greg MacDougall has 30-plus years of managerial manufacturing system support and direction experience, having held several senior leadership roles. Much of this experience was in the development, deployment, and certification of global management operating systems, including the successful shared oversight of Corus Steel's Lean strategy deployment rollout at Cogent Power Inc., Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The latter was a benchmark to several international corporate entities as detailed in the 2007 CRC Press, Shingo Award-winning publication "Staying Lean: Thriving Not Just Surviving!"

MacDougall is a graduate of Mohawk College's Advanced Quality Management Program and has a professional diploma in The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel from McMaster University. He is a certified Lean Progam Coach through Cardiff University Wales, UK, a past instructor at Mohawk Community College, Hamilton, ON, Canada, and a TWI-certified instructor. MacDougall has also provided over two decades of AME volunteership in varying leadership roles, including the 2019 Chicago International Conference chair.