Cogent Power, Inc. 
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Challenge the impossible, live the improbable

What really inspires innovation and greatness?


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Grand Hall B, Lobby level WS/20



Discover how learning organizations that apply lean practices and thinking will accelerate their performance of improvement through change.


Learn how one of the hallmarks of the most successful lean thinking organizations is its human capacity to accept big challenges, and to solve difficult problems. This can be difficult for people in many organizations. Taking on big challenges can involve a sense of personal risk, and the possibility of failure. Learning organizations that apply lean practices and thinking will accelerate their performance of improvement through change. Hear how each of us can help ourselves, and our teams if we are leaders, accept difficult challenges, and find innovative solutions by practicing a challenger - coach approach. In working together in a collaborative and open way we can find ways to achieve what we once thought was impossible. As Muhammad Ali said, "Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion."


Cogent Power Inc. is the largest North American manufacturer of magnetic cores for power, distribution and specialty transformers; high efficiency motor core materials; with a wide range of expertise in materials engineering, electrical engineering and design of electromagnetic devices driving our modern world. Cogent Power is owned by global steel leader Tata Steel. Located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Cogent employs over 300 people.

Presenter: Ron Harper

Ron Harper is president of Cogent Power Inc. He has taken a highly personal role in leading the company and its teams to create a self-propelling lean organization and culture. He is a professional engineer and has been in manufacturing for the past 30 years, in senior leadership positions in marketing, engineering, operations and general management. Harper is currently the chairman of the International Board of AME. He is also an active board member of The Centre for Skills Development and Training, in Canada, and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and regularly advises on local government policies and initiatives with Next Generation Manufacturing. As part of the AME Board of Directors, Ron is a leading member of the strategic initiative for People-centric Leadership, intended to educate leaders to engage and lead teams in a manner to maximize job satisfaction and fulfillment, while creating significant value in businesses.