NOVA Chemicals 
Beginner level

Creating continuous improvement

Driving improvement through a strategic implementation approach


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
11:00am-12:00pm Grand Hall A, Lobby level WS/26



Hear how, in 2017, NOVA Chemicals transformed from multiple improvement initiatives to a single platform for continuous improvement.


Learn how the company's continuous improvement system was designed and delivered from executive vision to front line continuous improvement. Discover how coaching and the development of coaches were key pieces of the implementation puzzle. Understand how a tools based approach delivers short-term results, and what the key ingredient is to deliver sustainable long-term improvement results.


NOVA Chemicals' strategy leverages its ability to deliver game changing technology and create an exceptional customer experience to help meet the growing consumer demand for polyethylene in the Americas. The company has several key strategic priorities including: Growing significantly beyond its traditionally Canadian production footprint, which includes gaining additional access to the U.S. Gulf Coast feedstock and supplying its customer markets in the Americas; delivering game changing technology that makes tomorrow even better than today; being actively sought after by all of its stakeholders.

Presenters: Craig Ellefson / Matt Botros

Craig Ellefson is OPE West CI coach at NOVA Chemicals. He started his career in manufacturing as a production technologist. He joined NOVA Chemicals as a applications technologist in the technology center helping work with product development and running experiments. He then transferred to the quality department of its polyethylene manufacturing plants. After several years within quality services, Ellefson transferred to lead the Joffre site's operational excellence implementation. 

Matt Botros is continuous improvement manager at NOVA Chemicals.