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Four pearls of excellence

2018 AME Excellence Award recipients share a best practice


Speed Chat with Experts
Thursday, Nov. 1 Location Code
9:15am-11:45am Harbor Ballroom G, 2nd level ThS/41



Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up four pearls of excellence - a best practice identified by the assessment team during the course of its site visit - shared by each 2018 Excellence Award recipient. They will discuss:

  • How this pearl has benefitted their organization?
  • The biggest challenge in reaching this level of effectiveness?
  • What is the lesson learned from their experience?

Award recipients will each give a 10-minute presentation. The pearls they will share are:

  • Innovation: Realizing better outcomes using new technologies – workforce readiness.
  • Incentives: Using standard work to level workloads and engage employees.
  • Turnaround: Moving from a disengaged work team to a high performance shop floor.
  • Alignment: Using AME Excellence criteria to transform operations.

In the second half of this double session, attendees will be divided into four small groups and each award recipient will rotate for Q&A. This is a great leaning opportunity!


AME Excellence Award is seeking to have award recipients share their pearls. The single best practice identified by the assessment team during the course of their site visit.


Practitioners/leaders from the 2018 AME Excellence Award recipient companies:

FPT Powertrain Tech., Bourbon, France
Goodyear Innovation Center, Akron, Ohio
Iveco, Valladolid, Spain
Littelfuse, Lipa City, Philippines