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Inspiring a more conscious business

Explore how the tenets of concious capitalism can deepen the purpose of your improvement journey


Deep Dive Session
Tuesday, Oct. 30 Location Code
2:15pm-3:15pm Harbor Ballroom G, 2nd level TS/16



Barry-Wehmiller believes that we can build a better world through business - its business, your business, any business or organization whose leaders believe that the highest purpose should be to provide meaning and fulfillment to those who dedicate their talent to its goals.


Hear how Barry-Wehmiller has partnered with the conscious capitalism movement over the last few years because of its dedication to a stakeholder model that unleashes people’s potential towards a thriving business. Learn about conscious capitalism, how Barry-Wehmiller applies its tenets in its organization. Discover how lean businesses can derive inspiration, benchmarking, and training materials through its network.


Since 1885, Barry-Wehmiller has provided packaging machinery and engineering solutions to customers throughout the world. The organization has grown approximately 16 percent per year since 1988, eclipsing $2 billion in revenues. The sum of more than 85 acquisitions, Barry-Wehmiller’s business model has brought it in contact with a wide array of leadership and organizational methods. For the last decade, a unique, people-centric leadership model has emerged at Barry-Wehmiller that combines the best in associate engagement, continuous improvement and customer service, all focused on the vision: Building a better world through business.

Presenter: Brian Wellinghoff

Brian Wellinghoff is the director of strategy, improvement and culture, and a founding partner of the Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute. For the last 13 years, he has organized the organization's unique approach to continuous improvement, including facilitating executive meetings, developing PCL training, and leading daily cultural change. In the last 18 months, Wellinghoff has helped kickoff this culture in more than a dozen businesses outside Barry-Wehmiller that look to be more people-centric while driving greater business performance.