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Make work more human: Practical insights for leaders and teams

The secret to any lean management system is less fear and more...love!


Practitioner Presentation
Thursday, Nov. 1 Location Code
1:30pm-2:30pm Harbor Ballroom G, 2nd level ThS/52



Learn what it takes to create a workplace where a lean way of working can truly thrive. Discover how leaders can persuade employees to point out problems, share ideas, and test countermeasures - especially if these behaviors were discouraged in the past.


Based on the results of 50 research interviews and experiences in Washington State government, it takes human-centered leaders and teams who decrease fear and increase love in the workplace. Love? Yes love! In government? Yes in government! Gain practical insights into creating a workplace where team members have a deeply gratifying work experience and deliver exceptional value for customers. Hear stories describing the sobering impacts of fear. Be inspired by the results achieved in more loving, human-centered workplaces. Understand the crucial difference between accountability and responsibility. Learn how state agencies are working to embody this in their management systems. Walk away with practical strategies for leaders and for teams to make work more human.


Washington State's Results Washington is a nation-leading state government performance system that integrates performance management, continuous improvement, and cross-agency collaboration to achieve five major goals for Washingtonians. Established by Governor Inslee through Executive Order, the Results Washington mission is to make government more responsive, data-driven and human-centered. Many goals represent complex challenges in education, the economy, the environment, public health, safety and effective government, such as homelessness, struggling students, recidivism, traffic deaths, and teen pregnancy. Results Washington focuses the efforts of multi-agency teams, partners and customers on collaborative strategies and actions. In addition, hundreds of agency-level improvement efforts are resulting in faster services, less paperwork, dollar savings, higher customer satisfaction and other benefits. www.results.wa.gov www.makeworkmorehuman.com

Presenter: Renée Smith

Renée Smith is director of workplace transformation at the Governor’s Results Washington Office. She researches, teaches, writes, fosters a community, and hosts gatherings of public employees to inspire and ignite a more humane and effective way of working. For nearly seven years at the Department of Enterprise Services, she led a division that provided lean culture, change, and organizational consulting services to state agencies and local governments. In 2017, while at DES, she founded A Human Workplace to advocate for making work more human, particularly in government. Smith has spoken at numerous lean conferences, annual meetings, and leadership gatherings, along with appearing on Gemba Academy and A Higher Purpose podcasts. Smith’s training through Pepperdine University's master of science in organization development helps her approach work as both a social scientist and a practitioner.