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People create the value in organizations

Developing people to enable them to flourish


Speed Chat with Experts
Wednesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
9:30am-12:00pm Harbor Ballroom G, 2nd level WS/23



Learn how organizations understand what people need and provide opportunities and support for them to grow and be successful. Hear about successes and challenges leaders have faced when coaching or providing development opportunities for their teams.


Organizations are a collection of people. Investing in developing these people is a path forward for both the individuals and the organization to prosper. In this interactive session, leaders will share what this is in practice for them and their organizations.

During this two-hour session, time will be split between hearing from the panelists during a moderator-led panel, then each panelist will join in small group discussions. This will allow attendees time to engage in longer, more personal conversations with the panelists and the moderator as each rotates from group to group.

Panelists: Katrina Appell / Matt Long / Ron Oslin / Jenny Snow-Boscolo

Katrina Appell is passionate about supporting organizations in improvement and transformation with 10+ years of coaching, facilitating, training, and team development experience. She is president of Katrina Appell Consulting Inc. and is a lean product and process development coach and faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute. She has experience as a senior lean consultant at Liker Lean Advisors and as a lean coach at the University of Michigan Health System. Appell has a BSc degree in general engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MSc degree in engineering and doctor of philosophy in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Matt Long is VP of continuous improvement at Herman Miller, Inc., where he leads a group of managers/coaches responsible for advancing the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS) within the product and service value stream. This includes suppliers, operations, distribution, dealers, sales, product development and business processes. HMPS has transformed Herman Miller, a company already known for its iconic designs and its participative environment, into an organization of operational excellence. Prior to Long’s 28 years at Herman Miller, he worked in engineering roles for several OEM manufacturers. He has a BSc degree in mechanical engineering technology from Lake Superior State University. 

Ron Oslin is CEO and founder at AML Sentinel Corp., a full service AML transaction monitoring and enhanced due diligence provider that delivers a comprehensive and affordable service solution to meet the growing AML threat faced by the financial industry. He began his process learning journey in 1982 with Dr. Edward Deming and honed his leadership skills as a leader at Toyota. Oslin has held roles as CEO, COO and transformation leader in several organizations and has applied lean methodologies in printing, auto manufacturing, marine heating and air conditioning manufacturing, health care, education and banking. He specializes in organization change and transformation. Oslin co-authored "Motivational Interviewing and Lean Coaching" (Target magazine 2015.) He received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Jenny Snow-Boscolo is senior director of customer support and business planning at the AWP segment of Terex Corporation, also known as Genie. She serves on Terex Corporation's Women At Terex steering team whose mission is to create a competitive advantage by building a more inclusive workplace that offers the professional support needed for female team members to thrive. Her record of accomplishment of significant, sustainable improvement led to her being recognized as the resident expert and leader for other business units across the corporation. She is a thought-leader on the subject of the role of a leader as a coach and mentor. Snow-Boscolo has a BSc degree in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.