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Leading the daylighting revolution

Monday, Oct. 29 Location Code
7:30am-1:00pm Balboa ABC, 2nd level MT/02

No competitors allowed, including: Elite, Kingspan Light+Air, Crystalite, Attic Breeze, Velux, Solarspot, Fakro, ODL, Ciralight, Orion, Carlise Syntec Systems, Sun-Dome, Bristolite Daylighting Systems, Natural Light Energy Systems, Sunoptics, Tublar Skylight TM, US Sunlight, Solarise, Monodraught, QuietCool.

Since 2002, Solatube has been on its continuous improvement journey, deploying lean practices throughout its manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Attendees will see Solatube's vertically integrated manufacturing which includes plastic molding, metal stamping and pressing, laminating and all assembly of its entire line of products. See how lean is utilized to drive those workcells, manage inventory, replenish materials, stock the distribution center and facilitate improvements. You will also see Solatube's use of kanban, 5S, one piece flow, pull through systems and other visual management tools.


Founded in Australia in 1991, Solatube began the tubular daylight device industry as we know it today, and within two years established a North American headquarters in San Diego, California. In addition to daylighting products, Solatube has expanded over the years to offer solutions in ventilation and daylight control. Its leadership in natural lighting technologies and performance has ensured its status as the leaders in its industry, serving over 150 countries worldwide.

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