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Breaking boundaries for operating excellence

Building a high-performance organization
Monday, Oct. 29 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Harbor Ballroom C, 2nd level MW/11

Learn about four powerful systems to achieve operating excellence with emphasis on a supercharged incentive pay system. Discover how to merge the four systems into a single initiative.


This interactive workshop introduces an operating excellence initiative, and will deep dive into four powerful systems to improve operating performance and profitability on a rapid, significant and sustained basis. The four systems are:

  1. A 2-tier performance measurement system (tier 1: Key performance indicators (KPIs), tier 2: Line-sight-targets (LSTs)
  2. An incentive pay system (22 key principles for designing an incentive pay system)
  3. A performance communication system (six communication phases fully explained with examples)
  4. A performance improvement team system (the design of performance improvement teams; an active method to seek and capture employees’ ideas for improvement through multiple channels.)

The importance of integrating the four systems into one initiative will be emphasized. Case studies and real world examples will be used to explain specific concepts that allow for easy implementation.


Bovino Consulting Group (BCG) is dedicated to improving its clients’ operating performance. Through a unique four system approach to operating excellence, BCG has delivered massive improvements in operating performance for organizations in major industrial settings. BCG’s success has grown from the success of its clients.

Presenter: Vince Bovino

Vince Bovino is a management consultant and founder of Bovino Consulting Group. He is a facilitator for productivity and quality improvement, and a catalyst for organization change. Bovino is a voice for operating excellence that has been heard throughout the United States and Canada with additional speaking and consulting experiences in South America and Australia. His presentation is a fusion of the lessons learned from 250+ consulting assignments in major industrial settings. His model for operating excellence is anchored in experience, not in theory, and drives results and outcomes, not activities.