One System One Voice 
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Hearts, minds and hands - leadership model

Focus your transformations to capture hearts and minds, and unleash the thinking of all
Monday, Oct. 29 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Harbor Ballroom I, 2nd level MW/16

Discover how to change the focus of your transformations to capture the hearts and minds.


This experiential learning practicum teaches organizations how to change the focus of their transformations to capture the hearts and minds and unleash the thinking of all. Almost all
transformations focus 80-90 percent of the effort on the skills or hands element. Only 10-20 percent of the effort is on hearts and minds. Hear how the success rate of transformations with 80-90 percent skills focus is less than 3 percent. Attendees will learn the elements of the behavioral change model and develop a draft hand, hearts and mind model for their organization.


One System One Voice is a learning-oriented group dedicated to organizational transformation. The firm coaches and counsels leaders about understanding the change in thinking and behavior required to transform to a one-system, one-voice culture. It also counsels leaders about techniques to move people through the stages of change from not being on board to being an advocate.

Presenters: Larry Anderson / Ron Oslin

Larry Anderson is a gold-certified (SME/AME/ASQ/Shingo) lean senior management and training professional with over 40 years of experience. He serves as a senior examiner/team lead for both the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence and the AME Excellence Award. He is certified by the Shingo Institute to facilitate all institute workshops, is past chair of the SME/AME/ASQ/Shingo Lean Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee, and serves as president of the Southwest Region of AME. Anderson pursued the masters in engineering management program at the University of Louisville and holds a BSME degree from Texas Tech University. 

Ron Oslin is a CEO at AML Sentinel Corp., a full service AML transaction monitoring and enhanced due diligence provider that delivers  a comprehensive and affordable service solution to meet the  growing AML threat faced by the financial industry. He started AML Sentinel Corp. after retiring from Capital One in 2017 with more than 20 years of lean application in manufacturing and service. He began his process learning journey in 1982 as an intern with Dr. Edward Deming and honed his leadership skills as a leader at Toyota. Oslin has held roles as CEO, COO and transformation leader in several organizations and has applied lean methodologies in printing, auto manufacturing, marine heating and air conditioning manufacturing, health care, education and banking. He specializes in organization change and transformation. Oslin co-authored ‘Motivational Interviewing and Lean Coaching' (Target magazine, 2015). He received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a six sigma master black belt.