Competitive Advantage Consultants 
Advanced level

Lean leadership skills

Leading change with the power of now
Monday, Oct. 29 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Harbor Ballroom C, 2nd level MW/03

A Google search on leadership recently surfaced 502,000,000 hits, so there’s a lot of interest or confusion, or both. Everyone knows it when we feel it, but in words, not so much. Discover eight skill areas leaders can utilize.


Workshop attendees will assess their own strengths and weaknesses on eight skill areas with a lean leadership survey and take home an electronic copy to use. This session will review four skills with clear definitions and exercises: Setting direction; standardizing and improving work; accountability; and role modeling mindful leadership. Hear how mindfulness is learning how to manage one’s focus and hold awareness on a purpose or target condition while coaching change.


Competitive Advantage Consultants is a training and consulting shop with over 20 years' experience. Both partners began working as change agents at Cummins Engine Co. during their initial work with teamwork and lean production. Competitive Advantage has contracted to teach lean leadership skills at Sherwin Williams Paint Company, Panduit Corp., Moog Aircraft and Boeing, among others.

Presenter: Dan Prock

Dan Prock has been a lean coach and consultant in both factories and knowledge work for 25 years. He worked in lean implementation at Cummins Engine, Robert Bosch and Caterpillar, and in knowledge work areas in information technology, financial operations, and services in health care and food services. Prock has a PhD in psychology studying situational leadership, and has observed the leadership of sensei as they coach continuous improvement in the Sensei Way, the title of his forthcoming 2018 book.