People-centric leadership 101

The leadership framework for building a people-centric culture
Monday, Oct. 29 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Harbor Ballroom A, 2nd Level MW/01

Explore the value and benefits, and key leadership behaviors of building a people-centric culture.


The people-centric leadership 101 course was designed by the AME PCL team to provide organizations with a comprehensive overview of people-centric leadership and the behaviors required to build a culture where every day, everyone is fulfilled by pursuing excellence and everybody flourishes. Attendees will learn:

  • The value and benefits of building a people-centric culture.
  • The underlying thinking which is critical to drive people-centric behavior.
  • Key leadership behaviors necessary to build a people-centric culture, including:

     -  honest and persistent self-reflection
     -  reflective listening and effective communication
     -  building relationships
     -  coaching for development of people
     -  celebration and recognition.

  • The link between building a people-centric culture and the lean/CI tools.
  • Vision, goal setting, feedback and alignment in a people-centric culture.

The AME people-centric leadership (PCL) team was establised to assist AME in achieving its vision of a manufacturing renaissance driven by people-centric leadership and powered by enterprise excellence. The team develops, researches and benchmarks best practices to provide resources to inspire individuals and their organizations to cultivate a people-centric culture.

Presenter: Lisa Weis

Lisa Weis is a lean/continuous improvement expert with over 20 years of success in helping hundreds of public and private organizations achieve their vision and meet their strategic goals by engaging people, implementing enterprise excellence and inspiring innovation. She is a certified professor for communication skills training in the Barry-Wehmiller University. Weis is currently the lean program director for the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership, an AME Mid-Atlantic board member, an AME Excellence Award assessor and a member of Campus Community School Board.