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Start leading in new ways - now!

Approach to leadership should change in dramatic and useful ways
Monday, Oct. 29 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Harbor Ballroom H, 2nd level MW/20

Learn how to focus on the people element of lean leadership and less on lean tools. In this fun and highly interactive session, bring your biggest challenges and be ready to participate in exercises and team building events.


This workshop will focus on the skills needed by lean leaders at all levels of organization to inspire and guide teams implementing continuous improvement initiatives - communications, managing resistance, stakeholder management, the differences and effective techniques for giving feedback and for coaching, and creating a personal development plan. Discover how leaders must define the organization’s vision in a way that highlights the values of their group and must support efforts to achieve the shared vision through coaching, feedback, and role modeling. A good leader will recognize and reward success!


Value Innovation Partners (VIP) is an operations improvement consulting firm specializing in the delivery of value through implementation of lean manufacturing, six sigma rescues and supply chain management tools and techniques. VIP helps companies in a variety of industries from discrete parts to continuous flow, from distribution to assembly, from aerospace to pharmaceuticals.

Presenter: Bill Pierrakeas

Bill Pierrakeas is a results-oriented industry advisor and lean consultant serving manufacturing, service, sales and academic institutions. He is a certified lean expert, certified lean analyst, Everything DiSC® authorized partner and certified Everything DiSC® trainer. He has extensive expertise and experience working with Fortune 1000 firms’ leadership and integration teams. Pierrakeas has a keen ability to bring diverse groups together in the formation of transformative strategies then guide teams toward their realization.