Call for Submissions

Now accepting submissions for:

Do you have something to share with the attendees of AME’s 2016 Excellence Inside International Conference in Dallas?

You can offer a presentation or a workshop, or even open your doors for a tour, but space is limited! Check out the details below, and submit your application today.

(Deadline for submissions:  May 31, 2016.)


Apply to become a presenter

AME offers 54 presentations during the conference. These are sometimes referred to as “Value Streams.” 
Your presentation must: 

  • Be offered by a practitioner who has actually achieved results (no consultants).  
  • Be an interactive/in-depth topic of special interest to attendees.
  • Be 60 minutes in length.
  • Be aligned with one or more of the value stream presentation themes. 
  • Support AME’s conference goals and meet its code of ethics


Apply to host a tour

Tour hosts open their facility doors to attendees to showcase their best practices and leading-edge lean and continuous improvement solutions. As part of AME's approval process, our best practice tour team will want to visit your facility to audit your submission. 
Your tour must:

  • Be hosted by practitioners who have actually achieved results (no consultants).
  • Provide the story of your lean journey: problem identification, lean tool selection, success verification and new knowledge application. 
  • Share examples of leadership that enabled results. 
  • Help inspire others towards world-class competitiveness. 
  • Support AME’s conference goals and meet its code of ethics


Apply to offer a workshop 

Our pre- and post-conference workshops allow attendees to take a deep dive into a topic. Workshops are an additional fee and may be offered by consultants. 
Workshops must:

  • Be four hours or eight hours in length.  
  • Be interactive (e.g. simulations) and include specific takeaways that attendees can apply.  
  • Help inspire others toward world-class competitiveness. 
  • Support AME’s conference goals and meet its code of ethics

Special Interest Sessions 

Apply to offer a SI Session

Special Interest (SI) sessions focus on prominent issues facing our members. As a Special Interest Session leader, you may introduce a topic, but the goal is to facilitate a discussion among attendees rather than present to attendees. 
Special Interest Sessions must: 

  • Be led by a facilitator who spends less than 20 percent of the time talking and more than 80 percent of the time engaging the attendees in discussion and meaningful dialogue.
  • Be led by practitioners who have actually achieved results. 
  • Involve topics of special interest to attendees. 
  • Support AME’s conference goals and meet its code of ethics
  • Be 60 minutes in length.

Code of Ethics

The conference provides a unique, non-commercial forum for open dialogue and the creative exchange of ideas among professionals in business and industry. Every participant must adhere to the highest standards of decorum, mutual understanding and respect. Under no circumstances should presentations be used for direct promotion of a presenter’s products and/or services. All presentations must refrain from overt statements or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group. The conference is open to all persons, regardless of race, national origin, sex, age, physical impairment, and social, political, economic or religious views. Instances involving non-compliance with these guidelines or breach of this code of ethics should be referred to the conference chair.