Exhibitor showcase presentation (Canon)

From plant floor to office: How AI Technologies will shape the lean management processes of the future
Tuesday, Oct. 30 Location Code
9:05am-9:25am Harbor Ballroom A, 2nd Level N/A

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Computer vision. Natural language processing. We’ve all heard about these technologies, but what role do they really play in the Lean Management System of the future? Hear unique perspectives from Canon on how AI will shape the Lean Management Process of the future. Gain insights into:

  • Perspectives gathered from Canon's R&D labs, technology partners and manufacturer customers embarking on digital transformation.
  • How its manufacturers are applying AI technologies for Assisted Defect Recognition (ADR).
  • How disruptive, cutting edge innovation is seeping into business processes and the benefits it can bring.
  • How you can prepare your organization to take full advantage of these innovative technologies.