Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is designed for companies sending teams of 10+, 25+ or 50+ to the AME International Conference.

As your company progresses on its lean journey, you've certainly realized the importance of a strong collaborative effort from all levels of your organization. The more people from your team who share the AME conference experience, the more impact it will have on your company’s goals and objectives. Send a team to the AME International Conference and experience dramatic impacts on your culture and journey.

For teams of 10+, 25+ or 50+, the Accelerator Program (AP) provides the perfect forum for maximizing an organization’s efforts to improve their processes and positively impact their culture. For example: A large collaborative effort at the conference often sparks more animated daily debrief meetings that help identify hidden barriers that are holding companies back. Accelerator Program participants experience the power of lean and deliver greater customer value. AME offers numerous conference and yearly benefits available only to Accelerators.

Join us at AME Atlanta 2024 as an Accelerator Company

Accelerator Program benefits include:

  • Early registration for workshops and tours
  • Special access to keynotes and speakers, based upon availability
  • Assistance with building personalized conference itineraries, based upon request
  • Facilitation of specialized learning opportunities
  • Special access to daily debrief meetings
  • Facilitation and discussion of post-conference action plans

Interested in participating in the Accelerator Program? Prospective AP groups are reviewed by the Accelerator Program Chair.


Comprehensive Benefits Overview


Individuals & Teams of 2-9


Teams of 10-24

Teams of 25-49

Teams of 50+

Access to on-demand conference content for six months (slide deck downloads and recordings as permissible)

Invite to the AskME: Navigating AME Atlanta 2024 pre-conference virtual event

Recognition on conference website 


Early registration for workshops and tours


Personal tutorial of the AME conference app


Special assistance as needed for team members


Conference insights, itinerary recommendations for each team member, pre-conference assistance for meeting learning goals


Personalized onsite registration 


Reserved seating for keynote presentations


Recognition on looping slides during keynote sessions


Additional tour seats per person (based on availability)



Use of shared meeting room for debrief sessions at the end of each day




Use of private meeting room for debrief sessions at the end of each day



Facilitated daily debrief meeting on learning takeaways



Private session with a keynote speaker, shared with another AP group



Private session with a keynote speaker




Facilitator assistance to align conference offerings with business objectives










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