Keynote Speaker
Kyle McDowell

Begin with WE: 10 principles for building and sustaining a culture of excellence

The 10 WEs are ten principles that establish the foundation for a system of beliefs and govern how the team treats one another (first) and those the team serves (second).

These ten principles, each beginning with the word “WE,” provide a
cultural currency that has the same value for every member of the
organization – from the newest intern to the tenured executive.

In this dynamic and inspiring program, participants will:

  • Learn the importance of principle-based leadership
  • Uncover the hidden pitfalls of leading with (even if unknowingly) a “me orientation”
  • Become intimately familiar with each of the 10 WEs and real-life stories of successful WE transformations
  • Receive a step-by-step model for evangelizing the principles
  • Be armed with the tools to create your very own Culture of Excellence

About Kyle McDowell

Kyle McDowell is a bestselling author, speaker and leadership coach with nearly three decades of experience leading tens of thousands of employees at some of America's largest corporations, including United Health Group, CVS Health and Bank of America.

McDowell's passion for people and proven track record for cultivating truly authentic and courageous leaders were born from an unwavering belief that WE can all thrive in Corporate America. His inside-out approach cultivates "WE-oriented" leaders with a shared vision and common set of guiding principles.

In his Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, "Begin With WE - 10 Principles for Building and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence," McDowell examines the root causes of dysfunction in business, highlighting the plague of a "me-oriented" paradigm, and provides the remedy with his framework, The 10 WEs.

McDowell is regularly invited to speak at business, educational, sports teams and nonprofit events and has been featured in major national publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc. and Forbes.

McDowell holds a bachelor's degree in mass communications from the University of South Florida and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.