Keynote Speaker
Renée Tyree and Kiki

Delivering excellence in pharma, healthcare and life

In this inspiring keynote session, Dr. Tyree, alongside service dog Kiki, shares her unique personal life experiences, perspectives of working side by side with her service dog and her passion for delivering excellence in the practice of pharmacy and healthcare.

About Dr. Renée Tyree

Dr. Renée Tyree is a health system regional pharmacy director, clinician, athlete, pioneer in women’s adaptive sports, disability advocate, mentor and activist. Dr. Tyree brings her 30+ year career and clinical expertise in pharmaceutical care to the practice of inpatient rehabilitation medicine. Dr. Tyree received her doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Arizona and her master’s degree in health administration from the University of Cincinnati. Renée is a former elite Paralympic athlete, having competed in three Paralympic Games on three medal-winning wheelchair basketball teams. As a member of three Paralympic women’s basketball teams, she has become a role model not only for other disabled women athletes but for people with disabilities living fulfilling lives and for people with disabilities working in the practice of pharmacy and healthcare.