Keynote Speaker
Daniel Valente

Engineering efficiently

Becoming efficient with analytics is the goal of every organization. In this keynote session, Daniel Valente discusses the conceptual model of reactive problem-solving vs. proactive product and process improvement. Explore the:

  • Operational model of engineering efficiency and barriers to efficiency
  • Model of an analytically empowered workforce
  • Analytic capabilities that provide value and those that take time/create bottlenecks
  • High process/product innovation industries
  • Effective use of analytics
  • How to scale engineer efficiency

About Daniel Valente

Daniel Valente is the director of product management for JMP Statistical Discovery LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAS that creates interactive and highly visual statistical discovery software designed for scientists and engineers. As the leader of the family of products at JMP, Valente and his team listen to the voice of the customer, monitor the competitive landscape, and drive product direction by developing the JMP product vision and road maps. He is also a frequent speaker on the value of analytics, solving problems with data and statistics, and sharing discoveries far and wide within an organization. Valente completed an NIH post-doctoral fellowship at the Boys Town National Research Hospital and holds a PhD in architectural sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.