Savage Arms 
Intermediate level

Employees are your most important change agents

Invest in your employees, increase your ROI


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
9:45am-10:45am Hynes Center, Level 3, Ballroom B WS/25



Hear how Savage Arms is utilizing the talents of its staff, working towards the “Factory of the Future.” Discover how employee engagement was instrumental in achieving operational excellence throughout the organization.


Savage Arms' lean journey started in 2003 but slowly eroded resulting in returning to a traditional manufacturing operation. In 2007, the journey was restarted. Learn how the company implemented a train-the-trainer program, training Lean 101, lean experts, champion and standard work. This was a 4-step process of 5s, TPM, kaizens and standard work, relying on employee engagement and creating change agents for success. Hear about the metrics achieved included lead-time reductions from 15 weeks to less than 3 weeks, First-Time-Pass-Yields from 77 percent up to 93 percent and bottom line results. Gain insights into the pitfalls as well as how the company is sustaining its journey.


Savage Arms is a manufacturer of firearms based in Westfield, Massachusetts with a division located in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. It produces a variety of centerfire and rimfire rifles as well as shotguns. Out-of-the-box accuracy and outstanding value, combined with innovations such as its patented adjustable AccuTrigger, have helped lead the way to becoming #1 in the long rifle market. The company continues to prosper in tough economic times.

Presenters: Rick Groleau / Vince Carbone

Rick Groleau is continuous leader III at Savage Arms. His lean journey began over 15 years ago at Bose Corp. He was part of a small team asked to start BPSU – Bose Production System University and become one of the sensei for Bose. The team received a Vice Presidents Award. Groleau holds a black belt in six sigma and is lean-certified. 

Vince Carbone was a manufacturing executive with over 30 years of corporate leadership roles in implementing lean strategies throughout an organization. He has an engineering background along with an MBA and extensive training in lean disciplines (Kennametal Inc.) that he has utilized to change company cultures to achieve operational excellence.