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Idea Exchange
Thursday, Nov. 1 Location Code
9:15am-10:15am Harbor Ballroom F, 2nd level ThS/43



LEGOs, board games, physical challenges, and games of chance all come together to demonstrate the use of lean principles through active experimentation in a competitive format. See some of the custom games created over the years and share your own game developments to combine creativity, concepts, and competition for the application of lean. Topical games to be discussed:

  • Cost of quality, complexity, variability and first-order errors.
  • Inexpensive LEGO simulations for manufacturing showing line balancing, standardized work, takt time, quality metrics, bottlenecks, and more.
  • Push vs. pull demonstration.

Gain insights into actual games developed for lean classes, lunch and learn initiatives, and kaizen activities.

Company: Newpark Resources

Newpark Resources is a global service provider for the oil/gas sector for fluids, wellsite services, technology, base minerals, and research. It has expanded its presence into the utility construction and maintenance business as well as disaster recovery services and global logistics. Newpark is active globally in 5 continents and is currently the 3rd largest well fluids provider in the world.

Presenter: Joel Hugghins

Joel Hugghins is director of global engineering and CI activities for an international fluid services company and acting director of small high-tech research services spin-off. Duties include global training (and oversight), IP management, executive mentoring, kaizen execution, plant and process design, and acquisitions due diligence. He spent 12 years in the oil/gas sector bringing lean and six sigma methodologies to bear in both manufacturing and service deliveries. Hugghins is a certified lean mixed model trainer, SS black belt, PMP, and is a certified lean bronze and silver sensei through SME.