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Unleashing the potential of your lean culture

How the Neptune management system was implemented


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 31 Location Code
11:00am-12:00pm Grand Hall B, Lobby level WS/27



Hear about the implementation of Neptune's enterprise-wide lean system, and the results and lessons learned to-date.


Five years after implementing an enterprise wide lean system, Neptune Technology Group returns to AME to share their story. With a focus on the power of people-centric leadership, Neptune practitioners demonstrate how their management system drives employee engagement and creates waves of excellence. This presentation uses the power of pictures and video to authenticate the subject matter and bring the story to life. In the end, it is the employees, inspired from a people-centric culture, who describe how the company is doing five years later.


Neptune began producing water meters in 1892 and has continued to evolve with customers’ needs. Its products, used by water utilities throughout North America, generate accurate residential, commercial and industrial water bills. Neptune’s water meters can be read electronically using radio frequency transmissions. Competencies at its Tallassee, AL, facility include a no-lead bronze foundry, plastic injection molding, electronics and radio frequency design and manufacturing, software development/test/support and sales channel management. The Neptune Management System has been implemented throughout the organization.

Presenter: Wayne Pitchford / Ian MacMillan / Ashley Garner

Wayne Pitchford has 27 years of experience with Neptune Technology Group.  He has served in many various roles including manufacturing engineering management, production management and quality management. He has been the VP of operations since April, 2012. Pitchford has been involved with AME since 1993. He is a member of the AME Champions Club and currently serves on the AME Board of Directors. He has a BS in industrial engineering from the University of Alabama. 

Ian MacMillan is the production manager at Neptune Technology Group. He has over two decades of manufacturing experience and has been with Neptune over 10 years. He has firsthand experience in Neptune's journey through lean implementation and cultural change. MacMillan holds a BAS degree from Troy University.

Ashley Garner is the health, safety and environmental engineer at Neptune Technology Group. In this role, she is dedicated to engaging employees by focusing on the most important thing at Neptune, safety and wellness. Garner has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in industrial and systems engineering from Auburn University.