Club NuBee Meet-up

Who NU that all are welcome at Club NuBee Meet-up!?!

Bee hiveWhether you are a seasoned conference attendee or it's your first time out, do not miss the opportunity to swarm the hive and BEE engaged in the activities planned.

You will have a chance to:
• Get familiar with this year’s offering.
• Take out the "sting" of navigating through the AME conference app.
• Meet this year’s sweet-as-honey networking team.
• Buzz around AME’s volunteers.


Wait ... there's more! You are invited to the AME Dine-Around following the meeting to continue to network during dinner. We will invite our directors to attend each restaurant offered, giving you a chance to mingle, ask questions and get to know other attendees. 

Don't forget to meet at the hive at 5 p.m. in the TBD on either Sunday, October 25 or Monday, October 26

Club NuBee Orientation will give you helpful advice on how to make the most of your conference experience.