About Photos

About Photos
No matter where you are on the lean journey, chances are high that you’re using visuals in some capacity.  At AME, we believe that learning from others is one of the best ways to grow. For that reason AME encourages AME.org visitors to share photos and other visuals with others in the industry. Examples of photos you might share include:

  • Photos of your visual workplace board
  • Before and after photos of a 5S
  • Photos of your safety board
  • Any other photos that capture something you’ve done that you think others could learn from. 

How to Post a Photo
If you have a question to ask, a problem to solve or you just want to share you experience on a particular topic, share a photo! Click the “submit a photo” button and add your title and a brief caption that describes what you are sharing.

Click here to add a photo!

File Types Allowed
Photos uploaded to the AME photo gallery must be .jpg files no larger than [insert max file size]. The ideal dimensions are 1900 x 1200.

To help others find your photo, choose one or more appropriate topics. You will see them listed on the online form you’ll use to post your Photo. When you’re finished, select “post the photo.”

Commenting on a Photo
To respond to a photo you see in the photo gallery,  type your reply into the box below “post a reply” then click the button that says “post your reply.”

Inappropriate or Off-topic Photos
AME photos are for the enrichment of the manufacturing community and are not a platform for selling products and services. You should also not post photos protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner or photos that include proprietary information that you do not have permission to share. AME reserves the right to remove any post that violates the terms of use. (link to terms of use)

If you see a photo that is inappropriate or off topic, click on the inappropriate flag to notify the site moderator.