The AME Adopt-a-School Program connects manufacturers with schools and universities in their local communities to give students an opportunity to experience practical, hands-on learning and to help manufacturers give back to the community while helping the next generation of manufacturers.

Read a letter from SenatorThomas K. Norment, Jr.(R) Virginia, recognizing AME's contributions through the AME Adopt-a-School Program. 

"The AME initiative identifies the need for a strategic plan to revitalize manufacturing, the public education system, and the economy. I support these goals, and I look forward to partnering with legislators to implement the AME program in Virginia," -- Thomas Kent "Tommy" Norment, Jr., Republican Majority Leader of the Senate of Virginia. 

  • In 2011, the average manufacturing worker in the United States earned more than $77,000 annually.
  • The United States is undergoing a manufacturing renaissance. Companies are hiring, and manufacturing jobs are stable, interesting and high-tech.
  • As United State's schools introduce more STEM classes, there is a greater need for hands-on learning.
  • By bringing manufacturers to schools, students can get practical, hands-on learning, access to mentors and have an opportunity to explore options for a manufacturing career.
  • The AME Adopt-a-School Program creates the opportunity to inspire, support and prepare individuals for this world-class industry.


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For additional Information, contact:

Glenn Marshall
Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Manufacturing as a Career Path

Jerri Strohmeyer
Association for Manufacturing Excellence
224-232-5980 ext. 222

Adopt-a-School Participants:

Alamo Academies
The Apprentice School
Arvin High School
Central Office at James Blair
Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences
Costa Mesa High School
Denbigh High School Aviation Academy
Denbigh High School
Elk Grove High School
Estancia High School
Jamestown High 
Lafayette High
Marshfield High School
New Horizon Career & Technology Education Center
New Horizon Regional Educational Center
Newport News Public Schools
Newport - Mesa Unified School District - Office of College & Career
Newport - Mesa Unified School District - Primary Education
Olympic High School
Portland Arts & Tech High School
Thomas Nelson Community College
Warhill High
Wheeling High School
Whittier Elementary