AME 2015 Cincnnati Selfie Contest Rules

Contest objective: Network with as many attendees as possible during the AME 2015 Conference in Cincinnati.  This will be verified by taking a picture (“selfie”) with those that you’ve networked with. To participate:

1)    Participants will take a selfie and email to the official contest email:

2)    One person (in a group selfie) submits a picture with anyone else within the “selfie” to the official contest email address:

Contest starts as soon as registration opens on Sunday October 18, 2015 and will continue until noon on Thursday, October 22nd. Only paid attendees to the AME 2015 Conference in Cincinnati are eligible to win a prize.  There will be daily prizes for the top 3 networking competitors and a grand prize for the participant who has taken selfies with the most people.  

Note: By participating in the AME Selfie Networking Contest, you give permission to AME to use your picture during the conference to promote networking at the conference.