Dr. Sherrie Ford Manufacturing as a Career Path Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2016 Term Scholarship Recipients

Victor Acosta 

Victor Acosta is pursuing a degree in manufacturing engineering at Georgia Southern University. Acosta completed his first year of college on both the president’s list and dean’s list, and received an internship offer. His dream is to start a manufacturing maintenance and installment company, involving automation integration or a consulting business for manufacturing facilities.

Georgia Southern University – Statesboro, Georgia 
Manufacturing engineering 




Joshua Bowman 

Joshua Bowman is pursuing two degrees in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering at Pennsylvania State University. After graduating in December, Bowman will begin pursuing a master’s degree focused on materials. He is interested in securing energy independence. He also has participated in Engineers Without Borders which has shown him that he can solve problems anywhere in the world.

Pennsylvania State University – University Park, Pennsylvania
Mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering




Matthew Coleman

Matthew Coleman is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Coleman stays involved at school tutoring engineering students, volunteering as an athletic trainer and participating in national engineering clubs. He plans to pursue graduate school after completing his senior year. 

University of Texas of the Permian Basin – Odessa, Texas 
Mechanical engineering




Adam DeMarco 

Adam DeMarco is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Youngstown State University. DeMarco wants to become a mechanical engineer because he is passionate about assisting others and wants to improve their quality of life. He currently works part-time in a tool and die department doing maintenance and is continually learning new skills. After graduation, he wants to pursue a career that will give him the opportunity to improve new and existing products.

Youngstown State University – Youngstown, Ohio
Mechanical engineering




Gustavo Gonzales 

Gustavo Gonzales is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Mercer University. Gonzales discovered his interest in mechanical engineering after a summer job at an air conditioning manufacturing company where he was fascinated by the creativity and efficiency needed for an assembly line. He hopes to intern at a local manufacturing company in the future and begin a career in manufacturing after graduation.

Mercer University – Macon, Georgia
Mechanical engineering





Jonathan Hartzler 

Jonathan Hartzler is pursuing a degree in precision machining technology at Vincennes University. Hartzler’s interest in manufacturing began at early age on his family’s farm where he got the chance to fix and experiment with machinery. He hopes to open his own machine shop in the future. After graduating, he plans to continue his education and pursue a degree in mechanical engineering technology from Indiana State University. 

Vincennes University – Vincennes, Indiana
Precision machining technology




Madeleine Haworth 

Madeleine Haworth is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in control, instrumentation and robotics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In high school, she joined the FIRST Robotics team and discovered her love of robotic mechanics. She is excited to pursue a career she is passionate about and hopes to use her talents designing robotic systems for the industry post-graduation.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mechanical engineering




Ryan Henderson

Ryan Henderson is pursuing a degree in industrial engineering with a minor in off-road equipment at Pennsylvania State University. Henderson was a manufacturing engineering intern at John Deere this summer where he learned about axle manufacturing. He is involved in the Formula SAE team as the co-suspension lead, where he is working on redesigning a car’s suspension. He hopes to study abroad or intern in Germany and plans to pursue a career in manufacturing after graduation.

Pennsylvania State University – University Park, Pennsylvania
Industrial engineering




Michael Johnston 

Michael Johnston is pursuing a degree in packaging at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Johnston has been exposed to manufacturing his entire life from factories his father worked in and classes he took in high school, which fueled his passion to choose a career in the manufacturing field. At 13 years old, he was in the hospital battling cancer. Through this experience, he observed the packaging of medical supplies and saw areas for improvement. He is looking forward to making great contributions to the field of medical packaging in the future.

University of Wisconsin - Stout - Menomonie, Wisconsin




Allison Moran 

Allison Moran is pursuing a graduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduation, Moran plans to obtain a career in product design to express both her creative and technical interests. Through her career she hopes to help the manufacturing industry as it works to reduce environmental impacts in addition to increasing efficiency.

University of Colorado - Boulder – Boulder, Colorado
Mechanical engineering





Jonathan Rancudo 

Jonathan Rancudo is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Arkansas – Honors College. Rancudo’s involvement in the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team as the lead CAD designer influenced him to pursue a career in engineering. He is passionate about designing and creating sustainable solutions. He is looking forward to collaborating with a team and being a key player in his future employer’s success. 

University of Arkansas – Honors College – Fayetteville, Arkansas
Mechanical engineering



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