Friday, August 8, 2014

The new Benchmarking Community of Practice (BCoP) Query System was launched in April and has seen a high level of activity ever since. Jerri Strohmeyer is the new BCoP coordinator, and Glenn Marshall and Bill Baker are the AME Steering Team members.

Since April, members have posted 11 different queries concerning benchmarking. Their goal is to gain insight from companies and other members rapidly.  Strohmeyer oversees the posting and facilitates getting rapid responses.

The queries have asked about Best Practices on topics ranging from:

  • Lean and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Team meetings and Gemba boards
  • Recruiting, training and retention of maintenance personnel
  • Determination of “Fitness for Duty”
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Idea-driven organizations

We hoped to receive several valuable responses in the first 24-48 hours and collected metrics to measure our success in helping query posters get good quick answers. After all, AME’s motto is “Share, Learn and Grow.”

So far, of the 11 queries, we received 44 responses, 15 within the first 48 hours.

We also maintain a database of all prior queries with the recorded responses that are instantly accessible to members under the Query System Archives.

If you would like to sign up for the BCoP, please go to and log on.

If you have any questions, please contact Strohmeyer at or call the AME Office at 224-238-5980, x222.