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Addressing sustainability and the triple bottom line

Environmental results from a small business perspective


Deep Dive Session
Tuesday, Nov. 5 Location Code
2:15pm-3:15pm Toronto, West Tower, Ballroom Level TS/15

Companies that lead on the edge cannot be afraid to do what they believe to be important on behalf of stakeholders. Sometimes the company CEO needs to commit to ideas that do not necessarily appear at first to be bottom-line driven. For example, some environmental issues do not appear initially to save money or be bottom-line driven. But consider the ultimate question: Where do materials go if NOT used in the final product? What if you could be pleasantly surprised by your ROI in addressing the impact of such by-product issues while, at the same time, developing a sense of pride in knowing that you can have a positive impact on society for generations to come? Texas Nameplate Company made this decision, and the positive impact on its “triple bottom line” far exceeded anything the company expected.


Texas Nameplate Company, Inc. (TNC) is a 40-person, family-owned business located in Dallas, Texas that manufactures nameplates attached to products and equipment to educate and protect the safety of users. TNC serves a large and diversified customer base. www.nameplate.com

Presenter: Dale Crownover

Dale Crownover has held the positions of president and CEO of Texas Nameplate Company, Inc. (TNC) for 30 years.