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Bringing joy back into the workplace


Deep Dive Session
Tuesday, Nov. 5 Location Code
2:15pm-3:15pm Michigan 1, East Tower, Concourse Level TS/16



You’ll want to hear more after listening to Richard Sheridan’s keynote! Join us for a deep dive session and learn why, very year, thousands of visitors come from around the world to visit Menlo Innovations.


Discover a radically different approach to company culture. Sheridan, author of the book "Joy, Inc." and "Chief Joy Officer," removed the fear and ambiguity that typically make a workplace miserable. With joy as the explicit goal, he and his team changed everything about how Menlo Innovations was run. The results blew away all expectations. Menlo has won numerous growth awards and was named an Inc. magazine “audacious small company.”


Menlo Innovations started out as a software company, and that's still its primary focus. But that's not all it does. As word has spread, an increasing number of visitors have come to see what Menlo is all about and how it incorporates joy into everything it does. Today, in addition to designing and building software, Menlo also offers tours and workshops, does speaking engagements, and consults with companies who want to revamp their processes, or incorporate aspects of The Menlo Way™ into their own culture. You'll find Menlo's imprint across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, education, and manufacturing. Menlo has gone on to win the Alfred P. Sloan award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility for eight straight years and has earned five revenue awards from Inc. magazine.

Presenter: Richard Sheridan

Richard Sheridan is the CEO, chief storyteller and co-founder of Menlo Innovations. When he decided to start his own company, he and his partners decided that the company’s purpose would be to bring joy to the world through software, and to teach this method to others. Sheridan was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine in 2003, sharing his “hire yourself” story with the world. He is also author of "Joy, Inc." and "Chief Joy Officer." Sheridan spends the majority of his time sharing the Menlo Way through teaching classes, leading tours, speaking at conferences and mentoring entrepreneurs in the community and sharing joy.