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Four pearls of excellence

2019 AME Excellence Award recipients share a best practice


Speed Chat with Experts
Thursday, Nov. 7 Location Code
9:15am-11:45am Michigan 1, East Tower, Concourse Level ThS/41



Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up four pearls of excellence – during their site visit each assessment team identified a “best” of the best practices for each 2019 Excellence Award recipient. We will discuss:

  • A description of their Pearl of Excellence
  • How this pearl has benefited people inside their organization
  • What they learned from having assessors visit their site.

Award recipients will each give a 10-minute presentation. The pearls they will share are:

  • Respect for people: One of the best practices we have seen for recognizing/engaging people
  • Skills development: Outstanding practice to teach dexterity to people multi-tasking with their hands
  • Performance measurement: Metrics aligned to show cost savings, drive accountability and to identify ‘root causes’ of problems
  • Alignment: Strong cross-functional alignment.

In the second half of this session, attendees will be divided into four small groups and each award recipient will rotate for Q&A. This is a great leaning opportunity!


AME Excellence Award recipients share their pearls. A single best practice identified by the assessment team during its site visit.


Practitioners/leaders from the 2019 AME Excellence Award recipient companies:

  • Littelfuse (Piedras Negras, Mexico)
  • IVECO (Suzarra, Italy)
  • CNH Industrial (Saskatoon, Canada)
  • HM Electronics (Carlsbad, USA)