GE Transportation, A Wabtec Company 
Intermediate level

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The lean foundation of a digital factory


Practitioner Presentation
Thursday, Nov. 7 Location Code
1:30pm-2:30pm Regency Ballroom D, West Tower, Ballroom Level ThS/50

Hear how GE Transportation’s global supply chain services business is at the forefront of transforming a 112-year-old business into a lean organization of the future. The Brilliant Factory connects a digital maturity that is built on a lean foundation, with a continuous improvement culture. Learn about the Brilliant Factory journey, and the approach used to implement lean across multiple sites.


Hear how GE Transportation aligned a broad “north star” vision throughout the organization right to the production cells daily goals. Learn about the key concepts and tools that were essential in the Brilliant Factory success: Lean foundation; 5S and standard work VSM, lean tools and culture; employee engagement, daily management, strategy deployment; 3P digital; smart parts, smart machines, and connected systems. Gain insights into the impact of merging two organizations (GE Transportation and Wabtec Corporation), both with strong lean cultures, on the Brilliant Factory journey, as well as lessons learned.


GE Transportation, a Wabtec Company, helps move the world and improve the world, as a global technology leader and supplier of equipment, services and digital solutions to the rail, mining, marine, stationary power and drilling industries. GE Transportation’s innovations help customers deliver goods and services with greater speed and savings using advanced manufacturing techniques and connected machines. The recent merger of Westinghouse Air Brake and GE Transportation has created an $8 billion revenue company with 27,000 employees.

Presenter: David Zink

David Zink is the lean leader for GE Transportation’s Global Services Organization, with more than 30 years of operations leadership and enterprise transformation expertise. He has worked in automotive, healthcare, and transportation industries, and has led, transformed and launched operations around the world. Zink has a master's of manufacturing system from the University of Michigan, and has extensive experience in operations management, along with lean and strategy deployment.