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Beginner level

Lean and information technology – a natural relationship

Apply lean to drive innovation through IT to achieve world class results and operations partnership


Practitioner Presentation
Tuesday, Nov. 5 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Regency Ballroom B, West Tower, Ballroom Level TS/01

Learn how to leverage lean principles and information systems to enable world class business growth. Utilizing information technology (IT), discover how to promote and adapt your information systems (IS) to support your lean journey.


Hear how the organization began by empowering and engaging its IT team into lean thinking, creating an entrepreneurship foundation. Learn how it used this foundation to become an integral part of operations, and how its IT department was redefined as a key component of operations. The value added by agile and adaptive IT will be showcased at length. Discover key learnings, tools and insights gained through this process. Key takeaways will be the value of adaptive information systems and how an engaged staff is one of the most valuable lean tools used to support, enhance and drive a company’s ongoing lean journey. The perception of an IT department's function only as support/overhead will be changed to it being a key component to operations and lean within an organization.


OEM Remanufacturing, a Finning Enterprise, is one of North America’s most advanced engine and powertrain component remanufacturing companies, serving the railway, natural gas and diesel sectors. From a 350,000 square foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta, OEM offers clients timely delivery, quality craftsmanship and superior service. OEM is the premier remanufacturing partner for Caterpillar equipment in Western Canada.

Presenter: Robert Martin / Andrew Turner

Robert Martin is the global director digital and IT business partner, global supply chain at Finning International and director of information services at OEM Remanufacturing. His primary responsibilities include managing the complex touch points between digital and IT, and the global supply chain. He also oversees the information services department and systems at OEM. Martin has extensive experience in information services, manufacturing, lean and supply chain management, holding key senior leadership roles within information services, materials management and operations. 

Andrew Turner is the manager, Business Systems, at OEM Remanufacturing/Finning Canada. He oversees all information systems and the information services development team, and is responsible for overseeing integrating, improving and upgrading information systems at OEM. Turner has spent most of his career designing and architecting information systems that allow for continuous improvement, lean and automation across all departments at OEM.