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TWI skills as agents of change through leadership behaviors

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Speed Chat with Experts
Wednesday, Nov. 6 Location Code
9:30am-12:00pm Michigan 1, East Tower, Concourse Level WS/23



Lean is only sustained through people. Therefore, if lean is to be sustained, the fundamental skills of leading, instructing and improving are "standard ingredients" required at the frontline. Discover how the Training Within Industry (TWI) program and pathway is one way of building these capabilities.


Patrick Graupp, TWI Institute Senior Master Trainer, will provide an overview of TWI, the 5 Needs and give a brief overview of the three skills - Job Relations, Job Instruction, Job Methods. He'll also speak of his experience in building TWI capability in a range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare. Jesus Dominguez will speak of his experience in using Job Methods thinking as a mechanism for daily kaizen and the significant role frontline leaders can play in daily improvement via Job Methods thinking. Andrea Lee will discuss her progress in building the skills of Job Relations in her 5 team leads at Norton McMurray. Boyd Rice will discuss his "ups and downs" in building a Job Relations and Job Instruction culture at S&C Electric, with special focus on his work on the necessary follow-up to training.

During this two-hour “Speed Chat with Experts” session, time will be split between hearing from the panelists during a moderator-led panel and then individually as each takes place in small group discussions. This will allow time to engage in longer, more personal conversations with each panelist and the moderator as each rotates from group to group.

Here's a quick overview of TWI and a preview of what you'll learn at this session:


Panelists: Patrick Graupp / Jesus Dominguez / Andrea Lee / Boyd Rice

Patrick Graupp began his training career at the SANYO Electric Corporate Training Center in Japan where he learned to deliver TWI from his mentor Kazuhiko Shibuya. He earned an MBA from Boston University while heading Sanyo's global training effort. Graupp partnered with Bob Wrona in 2001 to conduct TWI pilot projects in Syracuse, NY. This became the foundation for the TWI Institute which has since trained a rapidly expanding network of over 1,300 certified trainers, now delivering TWI training in the manufacturing, health care, construction, energy and service industries in the US and around the globe. www.twi-institute.org 

Jesus Dominguez is production training manager at Sloan Valves and has over 9 years of TWI delivery experience across the U.S. and Mexico, spanning companies in healthcare, food and manufacturing. He is certified in TWI Job Instruction, Job Relations, Job Safety and Job Methods and has partnered with clients to provide TWI training in English and Spanish. Through his career at TWI Training Solutions and IMEC (Illinois MEP) and his consultative work at TWI Institute to his present role at Sloan Valve Company, Dominguez has delivered the TWI methodology, driving training protocol, open communication and consistent work standards that enable world-class practices across organizations. www.sloan.com 

Andrea Lee is operations manager at Norton McMurray Manufacturing Company, a provider of millions of high quality natural gas compression fittings to gas distribution companies, utilities, wholesale distributors and their supply chains all across the U.S. and Canada. She is a Job Relations specialist in a very practical sense. Currently she is practicing combining JR (Job Relations) with Toyota Kata. Her aim is to get her 5 area experts (team leads) thinking scientifically about improvement through people and at the same time being JR proponents.  www.nortonmcmurray.com 

Boyd Rice is a continuous improvement leader at S&C Electric Company, a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. He has extensive experience in the frontline application of TWI skills, in particular Job Instruction and Job Relations. He is a leader in identifying and applying the ingredients necessary to get such skills to stick. Rice has written a number of papers on TWI and has presented at TWI summits. www.sandc.com